How HCF Supplements Support Focus and Positive Feelings

HCF Happy, Calm & Focused helps enhance your focus, increase your alertness, memory,increase your confidence and energy in many different ways. The blood brain barrier (BBB) works to protect the brain from many common intrusions, including many so-called natural supplements, but HCF brain supplements are designed to support the penetration of the BBB and actually nourish your brain.

It does this with two important amino acids, F&Q (F stands for DL-Phenylalanine and Q stands for L-Glutamine), which are nutritional precursors to important neurotransmitters. The neurotransmitters norepinephrine, dopamine, GABA and epinephrine support feelings of alertness, focus, attention, love, pleasure, happiness, and many other feelings of warmth and awareness.

How HCF Supplements Support Balance in the Endocrine System

HCF Happy, Calm & Focused supports the nourishment of the amino acid DL-Phenylalanine, which works to feed the Hypothalamus. The Hypothalamus is the part of the brain that is the master controller balancing the endocrine system, which includes the brain, thyroid, pancreas, stomach, gall bladder, heart, liver, etc. The thyroid can cause sluggishness and lack of concentration when out of balance, and the heart is responsible for pumping needed nutrients and oxygen throughout the body. The liver cleans our system, synthesizes proteins, and aids in digestion, and the stomach is responsible for the breakdown of food. The pancreas performs several vital functions, including the production of several important hormones. When all of these organs are in balance, we may begin to feel much better.

Why HCF Supplements?

HCF Happy, Calm & Focused delivers amino acid supplements along with important vitamins, minerals, and neuro-nutrients that provide nutritional precursors to neurotransmitters.

Dr. Kenneth Blum, an internationally recognized doctor from the University of Texas Health Science Center, reports that, “…we would have to consume up to approximately: 16 lbs. of fish, 2 lbs. of cheese, 2 gallons of milk, 2 lbs of turkey 'each and every' stressed out filled day, just to keep our brain neurotransmitter levels normal.”

Since most of us can’t possibly eat so much, amino acid supplements help fill the void. And now, you can get a bottle of HCF Happy, Calm & Focused, at a special offer. This is a great opportunity to try HCF Happy, Calm & Focused at no risk, and see for yourself if you begin to feel better.

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