Nightmares and How They Affect Your Brain

If you have frequent nightmares that are severe in their impact on your sleep quality, then they may actually be classified as a sleeping challenge. Nightmares can include lucid and vivid dreams that include disturbing imagery, scenes and scenarios that can severely frighten you. If you’ve ever had a nightmare, then chances are that you’ve woken up from this nightmare with a start, and end up breathing heavily while sweating, recalling the events of the nightmare you’ve just had in vivid detail. This can really make you emotionally mixed up, throwing off your delicate brain balance.

Don’t feel like you’re the only one who gets nightmares – 5 to 8% of the world’s population suffer from nightmares on a regular basis. Having these nightmares frequently can impair your memory and anxious levels, which can affect your life during the day time as well. In the case of those who have mental sufferings, these victims can also suffer recurring nightmares.

If you’re someone who suffers from a psychological challenge, then you’re likely to have dreams like this on a regular basis. Often those who have constant neuro-health challenges frequently report having intense dreams, especially when they have been documented as having a recent relapse in their effects. The most frightening of these dreams can occur when the afflicted is in the REM stage of sleep. When this occurs, some may even hurt themselves or others while they’re still sleeping, and have also been linked with other serious health challenges. This can severely impact your brain balance, as your nightly disturbances begin to permeate your day to day existence.

One type of nightmare, are nightmares that occur very often with children, which involve panic and fear. In the case of night terrors, the person will wake up screaming, which can obviously also cause a bad experience for those around the person with the night terrors. Night troubles can also happen in adults if they have any other health challenges. These night sleeping issues and vivid nightmares are often difficult to recover from when first waking up. They can impact what you’re willing to do, and what you’re afraid of during the waking hours. This fear can really impact your responses, which can be a very negative effect on how you’re feeling from moment to moment.

It’s important to face these fears that are caused by your nightmares, as the more you avoid the fears, the worse they have the potential to get. If you have a child with night terrors it’s important to address this as well, as these fears can get out of hand and even make the child not want to sleep at night.

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