Nutrition, Learning and Their Brain Balance Impact

Teachers have known one simple fact for many years; that children who have adequate nutrition learn better than those that don’t. Nutrition actually affects a child’s ability to learn, and inadequate nutrition can cause a child to not perform as well as their well-nourished counterparts. While parents try to send their children off with a good breakfast in the morning, it might be surprising how important that meal is. Yes you may treat it as important now, but it’s far more important than you may realize in order to keep your child’s brain balance intact, which will impact all parts of their body and functioning.

Lack of adequate nutrition may cause a child to miss more days of the school year, because adequate nutrition is required for the child to be able to fight any challenges that may come their way. Students with weight challenges often experience more missed days or tardiness than other children, which leads to poor schoolwork and test scores for your child. In schools that offer breakfast or a mid-morning snack, students are more focused on learning. This focus is a result of proper brain balance – which is key.

In fact, breakfast is so important that it’s at least partly responsible for many children’s ability to be ready to learn in class, during the school day. Missing breakfast can also directly affect mathematics and reading ability. According to a study conducted by Tufts University in the early 1990’s, breakfast plays a role in better institutionalized testing, which is a great reminder on the those mornings you don’t feel like making breakfast.

Unfortunately for children, empty calorie foods are plentiful, cheap, and easily obtainable, and it’s what many of them end up getting for breakfast due to a small budget or little time for food preparation. Most of them are high in calories, fat and low in nutrition, leaving a child feeling full but not nourished properly. Often, it’s not missing a meal that’s the issue; it’s the quality of those meals. Junk food, or foods with empty calories, tends to leave children tired, jittery, and unfocused. Foods with a large amount of saturated fat can actually affect you negatively.

Teenage brains are going through as many changes as their bodies and their needs reflect this. Often, a teenager gets out of bed at the latest possible moment due to changes, and rushes out the door with little or nothing to eat. The combination of these two problems results in students who are barely able to absorb information in their morning classes, from a lack of sleeping time and nutrition before school begins.

Nutritious food, particularly at breakfast, is essential for school-aged children to function properly at school. One thing that is very popular now is a supplement like HCF. HCF Happy, Calm & Focused is a supplement that is uniquely formulated to benefit students of nearly every age. Its amino acids support the neurotransmitters associated with feelings of well-being, focus, and attention. These are useful for a student trying to learn. Please check with a health care professional before caring for your children.

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