Women Are Twice as Likely to Have Sleep Problems

Women are twice as likely to have sleep problems falling asleep or staying asleep than men.This becomes more evident as a woman ages. Many factors may contribute to this, namely hormonal levels, stress, pregnancy and mid-life changes related with hormonal fluctuations.There’s also the lifestyle factor, including overwork, over-exhaustion, and use of alcohol or recreational drugs.Some of the more common reasons for women’s sleep disruption or sleep issues include:

- Premenstruation is a common factor in sleeplessness. Women may have difficulty waking, falling asleep, staying asleep, and general grogginess.
- Too Much To Do. Often women reduce sleep in order to fit everything into their lives. Being employed, married, and being a mother all take time and energy.
- Pregnancy.Shortly after becoming pregnant, women need more sleep, but towards the last trimester, sleep may be interrupted by more frequent urination, fetal movements, sleep positions, baby movement, low back pain and leg cramps.
- Mid-Life Changes. Women can go into hormonal fluctuations and interrupted sleep. Often women will wake up more often and be tired throughout the day.There is less deep sleep and more light sleep.

There are other situations that lead to sleep issues for women, including stimulation close to bedtime.This can be in a chemical form, like when smoking or drinking a caffeine laden drink, or in another form, like watching an exciting movie on television, listening to upbeat music, or being exposed to lots of light. Also, sadness, which is more prevalent in women than men, may cause undue anxiousness that prevents restful sleep. Amino acid brain nutrition is very important, as sleep is often difficult after heavy, fat-laden, hard to digest meals.

A women needs all the support she can get when faced with sleep problems.One way to get support is to be sure her brain is nourished with the proper amino acids, vitamins and minerals. HCF Happy, Calm & Focused has the amino acids that support passage through the blood brain barrier, a barrier that filters out bacteria and other harmful substances in the brain.When amino acid nutrients can actually nourish the brain, the production of neurotransmitters associated with feelings of well-being, calmness, and focus is supported.

And HCF is safe. It’s manufactured in an OTC certified facility, meaning that what is on the list of ingredients on the bottle is exactly what’s in the capsules, and in the quantity stated. HCF is becoming very popular for supporting a woman as she goes through the many varied stages of her life, helping her get a more restful sleep.

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