Our review of the ingredients in HCF Happy, Calm & Focused, which are a combination of amino acids and vitamins, we conclude they are safe, natural and hypoallergenic. Each new raw ingredient is analyzed for efficacy, obtained from environmentally sustainable sources and true-to-label. Ingredients are handled according to FDA guidelines, and products are manufactured in a NSF and OTC certified facility. HCF Happy, Calm & Focused contains only nutraceutical grade amino acids and associated ingredients.

HCF Happy, Calm & Focused contains no preservatives, chemicals, coatings, calories, sweeteners, enhancers, yeast, fragrance, starch, dairy, gluten, or wheat, so these supplements can be safely used by many people.

Importance of Brain Balance When Playing Off-beat Sports

When you think about sports, chances are that you’re thinking about mainstream sports like baseball, basketball or maybe even football or hockey. This is the normal mindset for many, but did you know that arm wrestling is actually considered to be a sport? No, it’s not just a time to show off your biceps like many may believe. There are several athletes who train and compete regularly in actual arm-wrestling competitions. There are many off-beat sports you can be involved in that you may not even be aware of, but maintaining a healthy brain is always the biggest factor leading to success.

Ever heard of boomerang throwing, mini-golf, curling, mountain climbing, discus throwing, dodge-ball, fencing or horseshoes? While a few of these names may ring a bell, several might not, and yet they are popular sports that are played today. Don’t consider activities like dancing to be a sport? Then you really need to re-think that, because it requires not only endurance and physical stamina, but grace and artful movement simultaneously. Especially required is a balanced brain, so you can think quickly and react when needed. Other off the beaten path sports out there? These include elephant and bicycle polo, nude sports, and even toe and thumb wrestling. Many of these sports are played like traditional sports, but messier, like swamp football.

Other off-beat sports include animals, many of them to the dismay of the animals involved. The use of animals includes any kind of hunting; like deer hunting or fishing, but also all kinds of exotic animals like snakes, yak and alligators. Other examples could include camel racing and crocodile wrestling. One sport that involves humans as a piece of the equipment is dwarf throwing, which is when a dwarf is the target that the competitors have to throw knives around. Just think about it – would you want someone whose brain isn’t supported and balanced to be throwing knives at you?

Think that’s all? We’re just getting started! How about the redneck games, which include toilet seat ring tosses, outhouse tipping and even mud pit diving? Or a bed race, where people see who can run to their bed the fastest? There are also activities like watermelon catapulting, log balancing, and even throwing hatchets! There is no limit or end to the creative and innovative off-beat sports that people will create to suit their interests and recreational needs. No matter what your passion is, chances are that there are at least enough people out there with the same interests to make an entire sports team!

Despite the nature of these sports being off-beat, almost all of them still share the basic principle of required concentration and focus in order to excel. This is why you should definitely consider adding HCF to the mix to possibly support better focus while on the field or running to your bed in a bed race. HCF has a blend of amino acids that can make the supplement support neurotransmitters to boost focus for athletes. The vitamins and minerals in the mixture also have the potential to boost your health. By making sure to stay healthy, and investigating taking an HCF supplement each day which can support more focus and well-being, you’ll set yourself up to succeed in offbeat sports.

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