Our review of the ingredients in HCF Happy, Calm & Focused, which are a combination of amino acids and vitamins, we conclude they are safe, natural and hypoallergenic. Each new raw ingredient is analyzed for efficacy, obtained from environmentally sustainable sources and true-to-label. Ingredients are handled according to FDA guidelines, and products are manufactured in a NSF and OTC certified facility. HCF Happy, Calm & Focused contains only nutraceutical grade amino acids and associated ingredients.

HCF Happy, Calm & Focused contains no preservatives, chemicals, coatings, calories, sweeteners, enhancers, yeast, fragrance, starch, dairy, gluten, or wheat, so these supplements can be safely used by many people.

Human Brain Has an Internal Timekeeper

Human brain has an internal timekeeper called a circadian clock. This clock regulates levels of adrenal hormones which in turn regulates levels of adrenaline and cortisol hormones. This clock can be easily upset by any kind of stress in your life or any bodily function, like mid-life changes, which tend to leave hormones unbalanced. Additionally, poor sleep in women going through mid-life changes is often caused by hormone imbalance.

Certain nutritional products that contain vitamin D and calcium supplements have been helpful for some women. However, individual ingredients by themselves are often ineffective because they depend on other ingredients to make them work.

HCF Happy, Calm & Focused contains these vitamins and more. HCF contains amino acids, vitamins, and minerals in a synergistic blend, so everything works together.The amino acids are natural precursors to the neurotransmitters associated with feelings of well-being, focus, and calmness, something you could probably use during this time of life. And HCF is all-natural, and contains no preservatives, chemicals, coatings, calories, sweeteners, enhancers, yeast, fragrance, starch, dairy, gluten, or wheat. It’s manufactured in an NSF and OTC certified facility, meaning they have to meet pharmaceutical standards where every ingredient listed on the label has to be in the capsules and in the quantities stated.

The neurotransmitters Dopamine, Epinephrine, Norepinephrine and GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid) are all supported by the amino acids HCF Happy, Calm & Focused. These amino acids, called Amino-Acid F, or DL-Phenylalanine, and Amino-Acid Q, or L-Glutamine, are normally found in things we eat, like fish, beef, chicken, cabbage, beans, and spinach. However, the quantities we would have to eat every day to support our neurotransmitters is astronomical. In fact, noted doctor Kenneth Blum of the University of Texas estimates we would need to eat about 20 pounds of protein-rich food a day to get enough for our neurotransmitters.

Nourishing your brain could be the most important part of getting through this time of life with the least amount of discomfort.However, there are other things as well you can do to help yourself get to sleep:

Instigate a set of rituals before you go to bed, and do this every night so your body knows it’s time to slow down and rest.It could be as simple as reading a book.

- Turn down the lights a little while before going to bed.
- Turn off the television and computer well before bedtime.
- Go to bed at a reasonable hour.
- Keep your bedroom cool and dark.
- Avoid alcohol, caffeine, and big meals or snacks before going to bed.
- Relax! This, too, will pass!

Try HCF Happy, Calm & Focused Supplement

HCF Benefits

  • Helps Calm Down Restlessness*
  • Maintain Healthy Sleep Cycles*
  • Supports Hormone Balance*
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  • Peacefully & Deep Sleep*
  • No 'Hung-Over' Morning Feeling*
  • Be Energized & Strong*
  • Wake Up Feeling Energized*
  • Fortifies Against Daily Stress
  • Healthier, Happier Way Of Living*

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