Our review of the ingredients in HCF Happy, Calm & Focused, which are a combination of amino acids and vitamins, we conclude they are safe, natural and hypoallergenic. Each new raw ingredient is analyzed for efficacy, obtained from environmentally sustainable sources and true-to-label. Ingredients are handled according to FDA guidelines, and products are manufactured in a NSF and OTC certified facility. HCF Happy, Calm & Focused contains only nutraceutical grade amino acids and associated ingredients.

HCF Happy, Calm & Focused contains no preservatives, chemicals, coatings, calories, sweeteners, enhancers, yeast, fragrance, starch, dairy, gluten, or wheat, so these supplements can be safely used by many people.

Skinny Models Are Not Like Us!

Everyone has looked at skinny models from time to time and admired their beauty or how they look in their clothes. There may be pictures of them walking out of the water from a dip in the ocean, or they may be spotted in a restaurant looking fabulous. It is their job to remain skinny so they are more marketable. There are several deceiving and sometimes dangerous practices models use to appear thin, and those choices might rob them of essential nutrition.It’s important to know these practices so that we know what to avoid when trying to lose weight and not get trapped into a dangerous cycle of being thin as the cost of our health.

Magic of the Camera

Don’t underestimate what a good editor can do to a photograph. Lines can be erased or distorted, blemishes and imperfections disappear, and the model looks fresh, slim and perfect.If there was a fat roll, it would never make it to the publications. Paparazzi may get a long shot from time to time, but the model’s whole reason for being is to protect that marketable image. We ordinary people don’t have such luxuries.

Diet Pills or Medication

One dangerous practice is to rely on diet pills. They stop dieters from feeling hungry and therefore they lose weight. Most prescription diet pills are stimulants that can be habit forming, and can lead to abuse, a high price to pay to lose weight. When you reduce your caloric intake too drastically your metabolism slows down, and you may lose some weight but without serious dietary changes the weight loss will be limited and temporary.


Models may resort to near starvation to maintain slim bodies. An average model’s dietary calorie count never gets above 1500, and they combine that with hours of exercise, and often employ a personal trainer. Be reasonable about calorie intake and reduce it gradually over time. This way, you don’t feel deprived and will not be tempted to binge, and weight loss will be more permanent.


Some models may revert to surgery to remove or remodel parts of their bodies they deem unattractive.This should only be done if a person is severely overweight and their health is in imminent danger.It is a drastic move meant for drastic results, but unless dietary changes are made the weight will return.


Nothing is more important than nutrition when losing weight, and dieting takes a lot of physical and mental stamina. Popular amino acid brain supplements like HCF Happy, Calm & Focused supports the brain with a mix of amino acids F & Q, as well as vitamins and minerals. These amino acids support the production of certain feel-good neurotransmitters, which can be the secret to dieters who need to feel happy, calm and focused to lose and maintain the weight loss. It’s easy to dieters to be tempted off their weight loss programs, but if the brain is well nourished those temptations may diminish and dieters can stay on target.

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